Now Two Weekends!! October 19/20 and 26/27, 2018

We anticipate being very busy this weekend (October 26 and 27, 2018).  Please dress for the weather as the line-ups may be quite long.  There will be lots of tickets for sale at the gate (cash only), but they are limited.  Purchasing your ticket ONLINE is the only way to guarantee your entry.  Please note there is a NO MASK policy in place.  Thank you and hope to see you there!




charlie’s TRAIL

Ever since old, deranged Charlie dug up those graves a few years back, the town of Cannington has never been the same.  Locals still talk about the night the spirits took revenge on Charlie, chasing him into the nearby forest to redeem his fate.  It’s rumored that the spirits still haunt the woods.  Many locals have reported hearing eerie noises … weeping, wailing, screaming.  Others have reported sightings of the spirits, in their darkest, most evil form, still angry with the disturbances Charlie caused.

Despite the warnings from officials, every year near Halloween, a crowd gathers to see for themselves.  Silly, silly fools …



A dangerous airborne virus is suspected for the recent outbreak in the Cannington area.  Thankfully, those suspected of being infected have been contained and the threat of the virus spreading has been minimized.  The locals have started feeling safe again, carrying on with their usual business.  Little do they know, the “experts” have been working around the clock to find an antidote, but have failed … and those infected in the containment area are quickly getting worse.  Much worse.


urban legends – new attraction this year!!!

Urban legends …. true?  Or just a myth?  It doesn’t matter to us either way.  Once you enter this pitch-black maze, your fear will overcome you and you will be at our mercy … you will have no choice but to hear our lurid story and believe.


Plus …


Your frightening outdoor adventure awaits!

This event is not recommended for children under 8 years of age.  Children under 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult.


Cannington Lions Club