Two Weekends!! October 18/19 and 25/26, 2019



charlie’s TRAIL

Ever since old, deranged Charlie dug up those graves a few years back, the town of Cannington has never been the same.  Locals still talk about the night the spirits took revenge on Charlie, chasing him into the nearby forest to redeem his fate.  It’s rumored that the spirits still haunt the woods.  Many locals have reported hearing eerie noises … weeping, wailing, screaming.  Others have reported sightings of the spirits, in their darkest, most evil form, still angry with the disturbances Charlie caused.

Despite the warnings from officials, every year near Halloween, a crowd gathers to see for themselves.  Silly, silly fools …


ward 3

Once an over-crowded psychiatric ward of the Ridges Hospital where the most disturbed patients were kept under lock and key.  Now, sordid remains of history long forgotten.  Ward 3 gained its reputation from a series of reports documenting brutality and abuse of its patients.  After decades of mistreatment, retaliation and horrific incidents witnessed by authorities, Ward 3 closed its doors.  At least that’s what the townspeople thought.


the dark

Pitch.  Dark.  Maze.  But don’t worry … you won’t be alone.


Plus …


Your frightening outdoor adventure awaits!

BUY TICKETS NOW!  $15 per person includes all 3 scare attractions and more!  Click here to link to our Eventbrite page.  Tickets for October 25/26 are also available at the following locations but only until October 24:

Cannington – The Wild Garden
Sunderland – Pilgrim’s Home Hardware
Beaverton – Shirley’s Country Clutter

As always, tickets are also for sale at the gate.  Cash only.

This event is not recommended for children under 8 years of age.  Children under 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult.


Cannington Lions Club