Two Weekends!! October 22/23 and 29/30, 2021

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charlie’s TRAIL

Ever since old, deranged Charlie dug up those graves a few years back, the town of Cannington has never been the same.  Locals still talk about the night the spirits took revenge on Charlie, chasing him into the nearby forest to redeem his fate.  It’s rumored that the spirits still haunt the woods.  Many locals have reported hearing eerie noises … weeping, wailing, screaming.  Others have reported sightings of the spirits, in their darkest, most evil form, still angry with the disturbances Charlie caused.

Despite the warnings from officials, every year near Halloween, a crowd gathers to see for themselves.  Silly, silly fools …


backwoods – lanterns only!

It was the summer of 2021.  A group of local teenagers went missing after a hiking expedition in the backwoods.  One of the teens, Dalton Spence, managed to make it out, barely alive.  He claims the group was attacked at their campsite in the dead of night and dragged deep into the woods by monstrous bloodthirsty lunatics.  Dalton managed to escape, but the others weren’t so lucky.  He could hear their screams for miles as he scrambled his way out of the woods to safety.  Perhaps you can help find the lost hikers … or perhaps … the backwood savages will find you first.


witches revenge

A dark and twisted rendition of the Wizard of Oz.  This intense maze will have you on edge at every corner and begging to go home.


Plus …


Your frightening outdoor adventure awaits!


This event is not recommended for children under 8 years of age.  Children under 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult.


Photo Credit:  Matthew Flagler


Cannington Lions Club