The Maze was A-MAZE-ING!

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Ready to go and waiting for nightfall.

One of the goals for our 2014 event was to create a second attraction to add to the ever-popular Haunted Trail.  With a very generous sponsorship from Pefferlaw Peat, a ton of plywood and bracing generously donated by ICF Central Providers Cannington, 5 cans of paint, 200 feet of industrial plastic, and hours and hours of labour, MANIC MAZE came to life.  This intense scare attraction was a huge success!  Screaming, loud noises and banging could be heard far beyond the walls of the maze and, surprising (or perhaps not surprisingly!), many guests were too frightened to even enter.  Well then … you have an entire year to build up your courage.

A special recognition and thank you to Chris Clodd, Grant Spence (Jimbo) and Steve Clodd for assembling the maze.


Just one corner area of the maze in the daytime. Pitch dark at night!


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